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Rose Glow Gua Sha - limited edition


Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua Sha for a natural facelift. Rose quartz can be used by all skin types, but is especially suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. A great beginners tool!

CHIA's own design with softer sides and a softer serrated edge than the other stones, therfore it´s perfect for beginners and sensitive skin. 

The sides of the stone are designed to be able to:
- Give a natural facelift (regular use)
- Give the skin better elasticity 
- Healthier skin
- Increased luster
- De-puff
- Treat lines & wrinkles

User Tips
  • Always apply a suitable oil or water before starting gua sha
  • The face: place the stone at a 15-45 degree angle and pull with light-medium pressure from inside the face and out towards the ears (instruction card included)
  • Use at least 5-10 min / day for maximum effect (or at least 10 min at least 3 times / week, preferably longer)
  • The results get better and better over time; Consistency is key!
  • The right technique is important; get daily inspiration via CHIA´s social media or take one of our online courses to get the most out of your tool and gua sha practice.
  • Feel free to combine with salon treatment with a skilled gua sha trained therapist
Care Instructions

Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a towel and never allow to dry by itself. Be careful; if you drop the stone on the floor, it will break! The logo is engraved in the stone and loses its color over time.