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What do we look for?

We prefer to see the herbs we take in be as carefully processed as possible and they should be in their full form. We prefer if they are taken in capsule or tablet form without other additives. Below you can read about why we avoid herbs in alcohol or glycerin.

Most herbs today have their essence in a base of alcohol. When Life Of Detox opened, we sold herbs whose base was in alcohol, but it did not feel quite right because most people today know that alcohol affects the liver, among other things. We tried to have the tinctures in warm water that would ensure that the alcohol evaporated but still felt wrong and the herbs did not give the effect we sought. After a customer questioned our choice of supplier and why the tinctures contained alcohol, we could no longer close our eyes to it. By that time, we had already tried other herbs in capsules that had given a much clearer effect and felt more gentle on the body.

"Alcohol in herbal tinctures nullifies the supplement's beneficial elements. In addition, the typical alcohol used in tinctures is GMO corn-grade alcohol. Although some tinctures contain grape alcohol, any amount of alcohol in a tincture tends to impede the effective delivery of the herb. into the body. " - Medical Medium

Glycerin is in our eyes, not the optimal substance (see longer explanation under skincare) for storing herbs but is still one step better than alcohol. We try as far as possible to use herbs that are not preserved via glycerin or alcohol. We want to see as raw and fresh ingredients in our herbal cures as possible for the most optimal effect and gentle interaction with the body. Therefore, our herbal cures are stored in the freezer and refrigerator and not in preservatives.

Plant herbs in your garden or balcony. We'll do that! You can not get fresher more live herbs than that;) Add a bunch of mint or lemon balm to your smoothie every morning, your body will thank you!

"Glycerin covers the teeth and blocks saliva from doing its primary job of re-mineralizing the enamel. It blocks the tooth's respiratory system."

"Studies have also shown that it creates osmolarity in the cell. This means that the cell senses the water on the outside of the gel and releases its water there. They have studied the cells from the vagina and used a lot of KY jelly (mostly water and glycerin) and have been shown to shrink. They call them cellular raisins. "
Nadime Artemiss, Living Libations

We also avoid alcohol as much as possible. Alcohols are very dehydrating and irritating preservatives made from propylene, a petroleum derivative. It irritates and dries out because it can remove the skin's natural acidic protective barrier and then make the cells more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. A significant amount of research has shown that alcohol can cause free radical damage to the skin including brown spots, hyperpigmentation and premature aging.

We, therefore, avoid alcohol in all forms as far as possible. But when you shop for your conventional skincare check the product labels for isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40 and ethyl alcohol, ethanol, denatured alcohol, methanol, and benzyl alcohol.