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  • Roll with slight pressure from below and up from the center of the face to the ears.
  • Try rolling with a little more push back and forth with shorter pulls in and out (according to instruction card). Focus on the pressure should be towards the ears and then you slide back easily. Finish with a few long pulls from the ears down the sides of the neck.
  • Roll 5-10 min / day 
  • Swollen? Begin with some light strokes from the top down on the neck down towards the clavicles to open up the lymph and thus be able to get rid of excess fluid better.
  • Tensions in the neck? Roll with deeper pressure from the bottom up and roll with small movements at the scalp.
  • Heat the roller in warm water for a more activating massage
  • Store it in the refrigerator for an uplifting and cooling treatment for those who are sensitive or swollen, or want to focus on lymphatic drainage.

Light pressure
For a de-puffing and detoxifying treatment. Always focus on the neck first and start gently, you may temporarily get "worse before it gets better". Carefully expand day by day. Never roll over active acne, eczema, or ulcers.

Medium pressure

Over scars, lines, wrinkles or to get a revitalizing treatment for more glow. 

Pro tips for therapists
In professional treatments, 2 rollers are advantageously used; it gives a fantastic feeling and more efficient rolling! Use this before a gua sha treatment to treat muscles and trigger points and for a more lifting effect in treatment. Use a suitable disinfectant.