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Chia Beauty Tools

Electric Rosequarts Roller


Rosequart's Electric Roller is used to reduce swelling, provide a natural facelift and increase the effect of your skin care products. With 600 vibrations / minute, you can get professional results at home!

Rose quartz works for all skin types, but is extra well suited for sensitive and reactive skin and for soothing the skin. Rose quartz is called the "heart stone" and affects our heart chakra; great when we want to give ourselves a little extra self-love.

How to Use
Used with light pulls in one direction; pull from the inside out and work from the bottom up. Finish with a pull from the middle of the forehead, down along the sides of the face and neck and finish at the collarbone. The small nozzle can be used with / without vibrations in a light massage to reduce swelling or in lifting movements with a little more pressure. Used at least 5 min / day for optimal effect. 


Place in the fridge 30 minutes before use (without the battery) for an extra cooling and invigorating feeling; great in the morning! Feel free to roll over sheetmask, oil or serum.

Care instructions
Do not allow oil/cream to dry on the tool. Wash/wipe after each use with mild soap and water. Always wipe it dry. Be careful with your roller, if you drop it on the floor it will break.

The roller comes in a white box with a black bag and an instruction card.